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Jennifer Marlin

Live fashion illustrations are a memorable experience and a unique gift!  Each guest receives a stylized fashion illustration they can share on social media or take home to frame. Live sketching is perfect for fashion and beauty store events, weddings, bridal showers, private parties, PR launches, and galas.


I draw full body, torso, and portraits (shoulders up) sketches on 5 x 7″,  8 x 10″, or 9 x 12″card stock, and offer a few different options for level of detail and speed. The below estimates are based on my practice times without breaks, periods where I’m not drawing (though I often draw from photo’s when guests are seated). Please be mindful that the actual number of people I’m able to draw at an event can vary. If I’m not able to sketch the estimated hourly quota during the event, I offer the option to take home photos and complete the remaining sketches  (within the estimated hourly amount) free of charge and drop off or mail the art.  Any additional take-home sketches from photos over the amount paid for are charged at my hourly rate.

The three most common sketch options are: 

• 8 x 10″ full color full body couple sketches take ~ 15 minutes, and singles ~ 7 min. = ~ 4 couples an hour (8 people). 

•  5 x 7″ Full-color torso or full body illustrations take 10 minutes for a couple,  and 5 min for a single. = ~ 6 couples an hour (12 people). 

• 5 x7″ torso or full body illustrations without skin tone  (except for people of color) take 6-7 minutes for a couple, and 3-4 minutes for a single. = ~ 8 couples an hour (16 people).

Other options:

• 5 x 7″ torso or full body black ink sketches with no color take 5 minutes a couple, 2.5 for a single. = ~ 12 couples an hour (24 people).

• 8 x 10″ full body without skin tone (except for people of color) couple sketches take 12 minutes and singles 5-6 minutes.= ~ 5 couples an hour (10 people). 

• 8 x 10″ full body black ink sketches with no color take 7 minutes a couple, 3-4 for a single. = ~ 8 couples an hour ( 16 people). 

• 8 x 10″ shoulders up Portraits without skin tone or hair color take 5-7 minutes for singles and 10-15  minutes for couples. = `~ 4 couples an hour (8 people).

• 8 x 10″ Full color shoulders up Portraits take 7-10 minutes for singles and 15-18 minutes for couples. = ~ 3 couples an hour (6 people). 

* Please email me for samples of the different  sketch options. 


• I’m available for travel events.

• I can draw live with guests lining up at my table, from photos on my Ipad, or a combination of both live and from photos during the event depending on when guests are seated or what works best for the itinerary. Having a host to take photos is an add-on option. I offer virtual zoom sketching at the same rate as onsite + shipping. 

• For weddings if requested I draw the Bride and Groom either during dinner from a photo, or later at home to be mailed or dropped off after the wedding. The Bride and Groom sketch takes 30 minutes of booked time. Often couples will choose a detailed sketch for the family or Bridal party and quicker sketch for guests. 

• Typically I draw using the elongated body fashion illustration aesthetic. I’ve done a few events where the client requested  a more realistic body size. In that case, I shorten the legs  and for curvier figures add some width, though everything is still a bit stylized.  Please let me know if this is something you might be interested in. 

• Packaging to protect artwork and art materials are provided, and I have an easel chalkboard sign, though you can create your own sign if you prefer.  All I need to set up is a chair, good lighting, and ideally a 6-8′ table or surface area, please.  Please contact me for pricing and booking. I’m looking forward to working with you at your event!

Clients events I’ve illustrated live for include Nordstrom, Tiffany’s,  Dior, Armani, David Yurman, Louis Vuitton, Target, Moxy Hotel’s, The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Bumble BFF,and Forever Bride. I also do many weddings 😉



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