Live Event Fashion Illustration

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Hello there, I’m excited to be doing more live fashion illustration events lately! Below are a few Illustrations  I drew  over  Holiday vacation as well as a few fashion sketches from live events over the past few months : )

A personalized Fashion Illustration  can be a fun addition to any party,  fashion event, product launch, gala, bar mitzvah, wedding and more! I work with ink and marker and watercolor, and provide all art materials and folders.  The illustrations I create take 5-10 minutes, depending on the level of  detail desired and number of illustrations needed per hour. Couples illustration take slightly longer. I bring a framed portrait and a full body fashion illustration for guests to choose which they would prefer. Each guest receives a fun, personalized  9″ x 12″  Fashion Illustration, that they can take home and  frame.  Please email me at for more information. I’d love to hear about your event!



Fashion Illustrations at the MOA Nordstrom Armani Event!

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Really Loved illustrating  at the Nordstrom Amani Event Thursday!

quick sketches

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Live Painting

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Christmas Greetings

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I will soon be working on a bunch of christmas designs, and its kind of fun : ) These classy little deer are enjoying a crisp winter day in the forest. cardchristmas-deer! pattern